September Is Happy Cat Month! – CatTime

September Is Happy Cat Month! – CatTime

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April 26th might be any other regular date in April, but for those of us that pay attention to the alignment of the stars and the moon, today brings us the New Moon. In astrology, new moons are known as a time for reflecting on the past, seeing what has been working for you and what hasn’t, and setting new intentions and goals for your future. New moons are supportive of your dreams and desires and help you clarify what it is you want out of life. To celebrate, we made this gorgeous DIY moon pha

This time last year I remember writing a post about Valentines day and how I was single and bitter, slightly tongue in cheek but definitely with a dash of truth (I was recently single to be fair). A year on and well, not much has changed! Okay so thats not exactly true, I’m still single but I’m far from bitter and this cynic is taking a more open approach to Valentines Day. It is far from my favourite holiday but who am I to stop people celebrating there relationships (sounds like the b…

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