Nutella Tart with Strawberries

Nutella Tart with Strawberries

Nutella strawberry tart by celebratingsweets …

www.sweet-laura-b …

handmade card: Celebrate Today by bmbfield … two-step bird punch … like the sponging giving depth to the blue birds … one bird peeking out of negative space circle and the other on a branch looking in … punched flowers on punched branches … sweet card … stampin 'up!

To celebrate the end of the century, I have built a small bar for my family and friends. Ikea kitchen planner Realize your dream kitchen Most Ikea customers are already familiar with the planning tools provided by Ikea. With the Ikea planner tools you can become an interior designer for your home improvement projects. And even if you have no idea what an Ikea planner tool is or if you have design problems, you can easily design and preview just like your umba


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