How to make Sunflower Cookie Pops

How to make Sunflower Cookie Pops

Celebrate the change of seasons with these sunny-in-design, easy-to-make Sunflower Cookie Pops. Begin with chocolate sandwich cookies for the bases, add Yellow and Light Cocoa Candy Melts® candy and Chocolate Jimmies Sprinkles for the ray flowers and flower heads. So realistic and perfect for fall parties and get-togethers. #wiltoncakes #cookies

This gluten-free cookie cake is perfect for celebrating and gives a wow factor to your dessert. This easy to make giant cookie pizza is full of chocolate chips and is dairy-free.

Chocolate Rainbow Cake

This simple one layer cake recipe is perfect for small birthdays and other celebrations. It’s easy to make and topped with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles. #dairyfree #cake

This funfetti layer cake is baked from scratch and includes a surprise chocolate layer inside! Topped with cream cheese frosting and scattered sprinkles, this homemade funfetti cake is perfect for celebrating a special birthday. The recipe includes instructions for baking the cake in 6 inch, 8 inch, or 9 inch pans. #funfetti #layercake


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